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NCJC's mission

bulletAdvise you on the right equipment for your operation
bulletTeach you how to use it
bulletProvide you with ongoing affordable independence and consultation
bulletEnable you to intelligently choose where you buy inputs and decide how they are applied in you operation

Our objective is to show you how to potentially reduce input costs and  increase your gross revenue by eliminating costly over application of  chemicals, fertilizer and eliminate service fees - such as soil sampling and  VRT - while at the same time keeping your own records for manure and  nutrient management plans.
No one knows your farm better than you do. We plan to help you keep this  way. So the next time you are thinking about buying precision agriculture  equipment give us a call 515.341.1276 to see how we may assist you with  affordable independence in your operation.

Real Estate

If you are renting, selling, or adding more land to your operation - Joe offers one of the most unique and professional real estate services in the area. What sets Joe apart from
other real estate associates is his affiliation with NCJC, Inc. Ė  a precision farm consulting company. With NCJC, Inc., Joe is able to provide personalized real estate analysis using the latest technology in precision farming.

Precision farm technology uses Global Positioning (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The information this  technology generates can help determine a farmís performance value. Joe uses his precision farming  expertise to provide at-a-glance reports and consultation on:


CSR Reports (corn and other crop suitability ratings)


Flood Frequency


Slope Class


Depth to High Water


Organic Matter Midpoint


Erosion class


Land Capability Class


Top Soil Midpoint


Top Soil Range

Knowing these attributes increases farm ground return and determines its best market use.  Before you rent, sell, or buy land, Joe would like to help you determine the landís most profitable agriculture production. Or advise you if  it should be in an environmental friendly program such as wetlands preservation or conservation reserve. This one of a kind real estate service will ultimately earn a greater return  on your investment.  Please see our latest case study on how Joe can use precision farming technology for real estate analysis.

NCJC, Inc. is dealer of TRIMBLE , Ag Leader, Raven and other products that will enhance your bottom line. Joe  would like to assist you with the purchase and set up of your new Precision Farming System. NCJC Inc. also makes it easy to apply Global Positioning System technologies on your Farm or Ag Business. More than just an equipment supplier - NCJC, Inc. provides technical consulting services. Services include: analyzing yield, site verification and application maps; adapting target files to control equipment for automatic applications; and more. Whether planting, spraying, spreading or harvesting, NCJC, Inc. makes it easy to benefit from technology that will increase operation efficiencies and potentially give you more profits.





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