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Data Logging/Mapping x x
Field Definition/Boundaries x x
Guidance x x
Automated-Steering x x
Gain Performance Insights x x
Manage Application x x
Generate and View Field Maps x x
Full-Screen Guidance x x
Virtual Terminal   x
AutoSwath x x
Hybrid/Variety Logging x x
Multiple Product Control   x
Variable Rate Planting x x
PWM, Servo Hydraulic Control Valves x x
Rawson AccuRate Direct Drive x x
Split-Planter Logging   x
Planter Population Monitoring   x
Combination of SeedCommand and DirectCommand   x
Guidance x x
Autosteer x x
Advanced Seed Monitoring   x
AutoSwath x x
Coverage Mapping x x
Data Logging x x
Single Product Application (Liquid or Granular) x x
Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular)   x
Variable Rate Control Single Product Multiple Products
Closed Loop Spinner Speed Control x x
Mark Drive   x
Smart Report   x
Strip-Till   x
Chemical Injection   x
Boom Height Control x x
External Switchbox x x
OEM Switch Input Support x x
Guidance x x
Autosteer x x
Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular) Dual Product x
Variable Rate Control Dual Product x
Chemical Injection x  
AutoSwath x x
Grain Harvest x x
Hybrid Background Map   x
Harvest Variety Tracking   x
Guidance x x
Autosteer x x
Load variety map from SMS   x

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