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OnTrac 2 ParaDyme

Ag Leader’s OnTrac2 system is the economical way to add assisted steering to tractors, combines, application rigs and more – without hooking into hydraulics. OnTrac2 reduces operator fatigue while improving pass-to-pass accuracy.

bullet Quick, easy “Lock-n’-Roll” installation.
bullet Easily transfer between vehicles.
bullet Superior to friction-design steering systems – eliminates slippage.
bullet Easy to engage/disengage from the display.
bullet Controlled using EDGE display.
bullet Quiet operation.
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ParaDyme is the most advanced automated steering system in the field. The patented dual-antenna roof module allows operators to steer with sub-inch accuracy, reducing input costs and fatigue while increasing accuracy.   INTEGRA
INTEGRA   Remote Service: It’s simple to use. When you request help through the INTEGRA or EDGE display your dealer receives both an email and a text message alerting them to a service request. They can access ParaDyme remotely to diagnose the problem in real time while you’re still in the cab, still in the field.
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