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SureStop™ Electric Row Clutch

The patent-pending SureStop electric row clutch for row crop planters provides growers with a low maintenance, user-friendly solution to reduce seed costs and increase yield potential. Using GPS, the SeedCommand system communicates with SureStop clutches to turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas. The clutch starts and stops seed flow by temporarily disengaging the seed meter, eliminating double-planted areas as well as the need to accurately raise/lower the planter at end rows.


Quick, Easy Installation SureStop clutches are installed on the inside of the row unit between the seed meter and the drill shaft sprocket. Unlike other planter clutches, SureStop clutches do not require the planter drill shaft to be removed for installation or removal. Complete installation instructions, required hardware and templates are included in each hardware kit.


Electric Operation The SeedCommand system communicates with SureStop clutches to disengage the seed meter based on field maps and already-planted areas. When powered on, the clutch stops planting; when no power is provided, planting continues. Each clutch requires a low-amperage draw (1/3amp), and is powered using your tractor’s standard electrical system. Since electricity is used to power the clutch, rather than air, no air compressor, air tank or other equipment is required to allow clutches to function properly.

Sealed Enclosure SureStop clutches feature a sealed enclosure to resist moisture, dust, UV, corrosion and other forms of contamination. In addition, the SureStop clutch is equipped with an internal oil wick; no lubrication is required.

Clutch Control Planter sections can be controlled row-by-row, or in two-row sections. A SureStop clutch is required for each row unit you wish to control. SeedCommand will support up to 36 sections of clutch control. See your Ag Leader Dealer for more information on specific planter setup.

Supported Planters Many popular models from major planter manufacturers including Case IH, John Deere, KINZE and White. For specific model information, see your Ag Leader Dealer NCJC Inc.


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