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SureVac Electric Row Shutoff

Introducing the patent-pending SureVac electric row shutoff! This row-by-row control device provides growers an easily-installed, zero-maintenance solution to reduce seed costs and increase yield potential. Using GPS, the SeedCommand or compatible planter control system communicates with SureVac to turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas.


SureVac is designed for John Deere Pro-Series™ XP row units, but is also compatible with any John Deere vacuum seed meter manufactured within the last 20 years.  Compatible seed disks include:

bulletJohn Deere 30-cell corn seed disk
bulletJohn Deere soybean seed disk
bulletPrecision Planting eSet® vacuum disk

How Does It Work?
SureVac stops seed flow by cutting off the vacuum at the top of the seed disk.  Planting is stopped and seeds fall back into the seed meter’s seed pool.  When the shutoff device is pulled away from the seed disk, vacuum is restored and planting continues as normal.

Key Features

bulletSimple installation – Remove manufacturer vacuum cover and replace with SureVac. 
bulletElectric Operation – Low electrical demand (1/3 amp per shutoff), easily supported by tractor’s standard electrical system. 
bulletDurable design – Built to withstand tough field conditions.  Maintenance free!

SureVac Setup
Planter sections can be controlled row-by-row, or in two-row sections. A SureVac device is required for each row unit you wish to control. SeedCommand will support up to 36 sections of shutoff control. See your Ag Leader Dealer  NCJC Inc for more information on specific planter setup.

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