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NCJC, Inc. assists you with the purchase and set up of your new Ag Leader InSight. NCJC Inc. also makes it easy to apply precision farming technology in your farm operation. More than just an equipment supplier - NCJC, Inc. provides technical consulting services. Services include: analyzing yield, site verification and application maps; adapting target files to control equipment for automatic applications; and more. Whether planting or harvesting, NCJC, Inc. makes it easy to benefit from technology that will increase operation efficiencies and potentially give you more profits.
Please see the products offered by:

bullet Trimble Navigation Ltd.
bullet Ag Leader Technology

If you already own a monitor or controller, NCJC Inc. offers personalized consultation to capitalize on the information you’ve recorded. NCJC, Inc. can analyze your operation along with data supplied by existing yield, site, and application maps. NCJC, Inc. then recommends how to optimize herbicide and hybrid selection, control equipment, or even determine the most profitable farm practice for your ground. NCJC, Inc. will show you how to boost production while reducing labor or chemical inputs so you can achieve sweeter margins. Please see our latest case studies and:

Spring  case study # 1, {How to save money with fertilizer and herbicide application by soil type}    

Spring  case study # 2, {Yield drag with flat application of herbicide}  

- Fall case study, {Making Hybrid Selection Using Yield Data}  

- General use, {Site verification and its uses}  

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