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NCJC, Inc. is dealer of TRIMBLE , Ag Leader, Raven and other products that will enhance your bottom line. Joe  would like to assist you with the purchase and set up of your new Precision Farming System. NCJC Inc. also makes it easy to apply Global Positioning System technologies on your Farm or Ag Business. More than just an equipment supplier - NCJC, Inc. provides technical consulting services. Services include: analyzing yield, site verification and application maps; adapting target files to control equipment for automatic applications; and more. Whether planting, spraying, spreading or harvesting, NCJC, Inc. makes it easy to benefit from technology that will increase operation efficiencies and potentially give you more profits.

Trimble Agriculture Products


Trimble's guidance products help you complete field application faster and more productively, accurately, safely and comfortably, with less operator fatigue.

Flow & Application Control

Flow  & Application Control
Trimble's Application and Seeding products provide you with a complete field application solution enabling a more productive and efficient farming operation.

Water Management

Water Management
The agriculture family of GPS and laser water management products provide accurate grade control to ensure adequate crop irrigation or drainage for maximum yields, while reducing water and installation costs.

Information Management

Information Management
Trimble® Connected Farm™ software and services take the stress out of data management providing seamless field to office information management.



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