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Understanding the environment in which crops were growing can provide information that will pay dividends in the future. Soil test data, scouting records and documentation of test trials in the field all benefit your bottom line. This data can be particularly useful in future years to remember why the crop yield was low in specific field areas one year but not the next.

Holding the power in your hand will allow crop management to be taken to the next level.


View, record and revise field outlines and sub-boundaries (terraces, waterways, etc) within the field to accurately document field areas. Create and edit point, line and polygon areas in the field. Uses include basic field scouting, tile line mapping, creation of management zones and others. SMS Mobile allows operators to easily download satellite images for each field. These images can then be displayed as background layers when you are in the field to help you see where you are in the field and key terrain features that may be missed otherwise. SMS Mobile files can easily be printed to industry standard PDF files so they can be saved electronically or printed directly to a printer (PC only). From your PDA, you can print data to an image format which you can then print, email to others or view on a PC.
Create and navigate to specific soil sample sites. Add and move soil sample sites based on desired location. Drawing tools are available to make and divide sampling zones for specific area needs. Scout specific field locations or navigate to previously scouted locations to log detailed information on field/crop conditions as well as insects, diseases or weeds observed. Continuously log and record data for swath based coverage operations. This allows for the logging of different hybrids/varieties, tillage operations or application rates within the field. The Virtual Implement Switch feature allows users to collect a more accurate area for operations by automatically adjusting swath width and turning the acre count on/off when entering already covered areas. Using this feature there is no need to have wires or implement switches mounted on equipment. SMS Mobile features a Navigation View that allows the operator to quickly and easily navigate to locations in the field.


Install SMS Mobile on the platform that fits your needs.
SMS Mobile is designed to be installed on any devices running Windows Mobile 5.x Ė 6.5, as well as Windows XP, Vista, or Win7 machines.
Navigation View   The Mesa display is built for field use. It features a water-proof, impact resistant shell and a brilliant sunlight readable screen. It also features WIFI, Bluetooth and built in GPS and camera. The large 5.7 inch screen makes it easier to read, yet doesnít compromise its portability. This isnít just a PDA, itís a digital notepad made for field work.
Navigation View
If you prefer to work on a larger device, such as a laptop, tablet or netbook, we have you covered. With a PC based device you get the benefit of a much larger screen, more memory and processor power, optional keyboard, and of course you can run any PC application, including SMS Basic/Advanced.

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